Socialmist is a social network that lets you express yourself with the music you love. Capture videos, search through millions of tracks, apply music, edit, and share among your social networks. The music on Socialmist is powered by SoundCloud.

Our Role
iOS App Development
Tech advisory


Socialmist enables everyone to be a passionate music enthusiast, without an effort.

Timeline milestones

After a few months of gathering feedback, Socialmist decided to change their course. Our client rebranded Socialmist to Whe! The heart of the application is still the same - allowing users to make incredible videos using SoundCloud music. Add effects, and share through all social media through one tap. Whe's mission is to help underappreciated artists gain recognition in a fresh and innovative way. Quick, easy, super fun. Your go-to video app.

Key Features
Create your video

Prepare your videos using SoundCloud music. Add creative filters, looping effects, and share them on your social media channels with one tap.

Find your mood

Browse our playlist and find the perfect tune.

Share your talent

Create your own amazing videos and share it worldwide.

Marcus Wiberg
Founder, CEO at Socialmist

Prismake assisted us at Socialmist with expertise within our iOS application. We received clean, stable, well-tested code and good documentation where needed.

Prismake contributed with ideas at various stages of our project, including having a voice in application architecture, investigating solutions, and finding new ways to innovate.

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