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We are Prismake.

A juicy team of developers and designers. We contribute to a broad range of Mobile Applications, AR prototypes, Machine Learning algorithms, Pixel Perfect Designs and Scalable backend solutions.

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Let’s put your idea onto paper.
Tell us what is your vision and we will validate it technically, do a research, define functionalities and prepare a trustworthy time and cost estimate.


Successful app have created beautiful experiences combined with simplicity of functionality. It subtly highlight important content and convey interactivity. With this package we will get you cover on preparing a visual designs that stands out in the crowd and shaping the best user experience.


Bring your Ideas to life. Your app revolutionary features deserves cutting-edge technologies that gives the freedom to create your most innovative apps ever. Have your shiny app on the App Store within few weeks.

Take a look on our recent projects.

"What I love the most about working with him is he is highly collaborative and will do whatever it takes to bring engaging user-centered app experiences to life."

Marko Masnjak - Designer

"With a challenging work brief, limited time and tight budget, Prismake set to work on salvaging the Usher project. The end result was the completion of the project for which I am extremely grateful. The high quality of the platform is testament to his expertise."

Karl Mc Carthy - Commercial Lead at Tito.io

"Prismake team assisted us at Socialmist with expertise within our iOS application. We received clean, stable, well-tested code and good documentation where needed. Prismake contributed with ideas at various stages of our project, including having a voice in application architecture, investigating solutions, and finding new ways to innovate."

Marcus Wiberg - CEO
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